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Pharmacy Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Council (LRAC)

Protecting Your Practice and the Patients You Serve! 

If you are in the pharmacy , then you already know that every day, the state legislature can make decisions that impact you, your practice, your patients and your bottom line. The Washington State Pharmacy Association Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Council (LRAC) works to defeat excessive regulations and defend practical pharmacy initiatives in Olympia. That puts money back in your pocket and time back in your schedule.

The actions of the LRAC benefit the entire pharmacy community. For continued success, we cannot rely on the membership of a few pharmacy leaders. Take action now!  Please join your colleagues today to ensure that we have the financial resources to achieve our legislative and regulatory goals!

What Do Your LRAC Dues Pay For?

LRAC dues help pay for a full-time lobbyist in Olympia fighting to protect and advance pharmacy in Washington State.

LRAC Membership Dues

Individual Annual Membership - $75 (< 21 cents per day)

Pharmacy Annual Membership - $175/pharmacy (< 49 cents per day)

Join LRAC Online Today!  

Corporate LRAC Memberships for pharmacy chains and associations available.
For more information contact Dedi Hitchens at dhitchens@wsparx.org.







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