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WSPA Practice Academies are for YOU!

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As the profession of pharmacy continues to evolve into various practice sites and specialties, the Washington State Pharmacy Association understands the value of networking and collaborating with pharmacists in similar areas of expertise. The WSPA has recently developed practice academies for our members. If you are a WSPA member, there is no cost to joining an academy. WSPA's Academies give you a home to communicate and share best practices with individuals working in similar practice settings.

We are still in our formative stages of developing our academies and we are accepting volunteers to assist in the process. We are asking members and outside experts to share their ‘best practices’ through presentations, workshops and Continuing Education programs. The goals of our Practice Academies include building relationships and support among colleagues who are committed to growth, quality and improvement in pharmacy.

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If you are interested in more than one academy, no problem. WSPA members CAN be involved in multiple academies. Visit one of WSPA's Academies pages to find information and leadership tailored to the various practice settings. If you are interested in joining an academy, contact one of the Academy leaders, WSPA staff at 425-228-7171 or email Jenny Arnold at jarnold@wsparx.org.




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