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Health Systems Academy (HSA)

The continued growth and diversity of pharmacy practice is truly amazing! To meet the needs of it members WSPA has created several academies to allow special focus on unique practice areas. The WSPA Health-Systems Academy (HSA) was established in 2005 to meet the needs of pharmacists and technicians working in hospitals, clinics, and other health-systems areas. Health systems pharmacists in Washington have expressed interests in peer networking and professional development opportunities that are in line with their clinical practice setting. Delivering these opportunities to members will be the primary goals of the HSA. 

HSA Leadership Chairs: 

Andrea Bishop 2013-2014

Eric Werttemberger 2013-2014

Amanda Bishop 2014-2015

Greg Matsuura 2014-2015

HSA is an affiliate of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)
HSA includes the Health System Leadership Group


ASHP Shortages Page  This page is an excellent resource for reviewing ongoing and resolved drug shortages.  The page is frequently updated, and allows for announcements of shortages.

ASHP Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative

In January we reached the half way point with half the pharmacies completing the PPMI survey!  Washington State Health System Academy encourages every health system and hospital in the state to complete the PPMI assesment.  A leadership team has been developed to encourage the PPMI.  Read the initial etter to members about the Washington PPMI push.  A dashboard is created to update our progress and successes towards our own Washington State PPMI goal.  Review the most current Washington State PPMI Dashboard with a list of pharmacies who have completed the survey.  The PPMI tools can be found on the ASHP website.

HSA Activities 

ASHP House of Delegates Washington Delegation

Washington Elected Delegates to the ASHP House of Delegates:

Janice Hoyt  2013-2014

William Jessee 2013-2014

Kathryn Brown 2014-2015

Steve Riddle 2014-2015


View the ASHP Call for proposals.  Please work with one of our Washington elected Delegates in crafting a proposal for the house. 

Past ASHP HOD Reports:

2012 Washington Delegation House of Delegates Report here

2012 ASHP House of Delegates Council Reports with Policy Recommendations here


HSA Presence at WSPA Meetings

The WSPA HSA supports the WSPA Clinical Pearls session at the Northwest Convention.  If you are interested in presenting a clinical pearl at the next Northwest Convention please contact Jenny Arnold at the WSPA office.

The HSA hosts a forum for Academy members at the Northwest Convention and WSPA Annual Meeting.  This is an excellent time for sharing practice ideas and networking with collegues. 


Health System Pharmacy Leadership Meeting

WSPA helps Hospital Pharmacy Leaders to meet, share ideas as solutions with their peers. The meetings are in the Fall and Spring each year.  For information on past meetings, including slides and handouts, please visit the Health System Pharmacy Leadership Meeting Page.

HSA Organization and Participation

The HSA recently elected its own Leadership Committee which includes five HSA members and one member of the WSPA Board of Directors. The Committee is charged with determining Academy needs and priorities and developing action plans that address these issues. The HSA Leadership Committee is currently working with ASHP and the WSPA Board of Directors to establish and maintain a formal affiliation.

The HSA will also be creating a Professional Development Team that will focus on educational content for meetings and more unique approaches to professional growth, such as certification programs. If you are a health systems pharmacist or technician or just have an interest in this practice setting, then you are welcome to participate in the HSA!  





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