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Washington State Immunization Registry

The Washington State Immunization Information System (IIS) is the immunization registry in Washington State. It is an excellent resource for immunizations histories for patients of all ages. This is a fantastic resource for adult and childhood vaccinations - both to record them and for information. Pharmacists in Washington State are encouraged to access the IIS if they provide immunizations. The system allows pharmacists to log vaccines they administer, including the VIS date, be cued for vaccine recommendations, and review their patient's immunization histories.  The doses that pharmacists enter can be seen by other health care professionals, such the patient's physician.  Some chains such as Safeway, Walgreens and RiteAid upload information to the registry periodically, and many independents have begun entering their doses.  Once your pharmacy has a data sharing agreement with the IIS, pharmacists can obtain their own login to look up patient histories, and use the resources in the IIS.  More information about the IIS, including a system tour can be found on the IIS main page.

Pharmacies and/or corporations must first sign a Sharing Agreement to access or upload to the IIS.  Send in completed IIS Agreements to Sheri Spezze, Washington State Department of Health, P.O. Box 47843, Olympia, WA 98504.
Once a sharing agreement and account application have been submitted pharmacists can sign up for their own login.  The multiple account form can be used to obtain logins for multiple pharmacists.  Most pharmacists will need to work with their clinical coordinator to gain a login linked to their work site. 
Questions about the registry can be directed at the IIS help desk, or to Jenny Arnold at the WSPA 425-207-3642 jenny@wsparx.org.

Resources for Immunizing Pharmacists

Immunization Schedules
-   Adults
-   Pregnancy
Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) forms on CDC website
Vaccinating Pharmacies – is your pharmacy listed?
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – where anyone can report an adverse reaction to a vaccine
Handling and Storage
-   Fridge
-   Freezer
- Pharmacists who prescriber vaccines need an indivdual NPI number - apply online here
- Each vaccinating pharmacist also needs to be enrolled as a provider in Washington State's ProviderOne sytem as a Provider.  The WSPA and state put together a webinar to walk you through this.  
Prescriptive Protocol and Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements
- WSPA's Immunization CDTA - feel free to alter however you need to suit your needs
        - PQAC's CDTA Checklist - must be submitted with each CDTA.  The CDTA has all the required elements on this checklist.  

Jenny’s Favorite Websites

Center for Disease Control and Prevention http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/
Immunization Action Coalition www.immunize.org/clinic, vaccine pocket guides This website is well worth getting lost on for an hour! 
Washington State's Immunization Action Coalition - A good site for local resources, and a great listserve to join.
For stories of vaccine preventable illness: PKids, Voices of Meningitis, Sounds of Pertussis These sites help to harden my pro vaccine resolve.
Information for discussing vaccine safety, alternative schedules, etc.
Parent's Perspective Seattle's Momma Doc blog, Wendy Sue Swanson provides a mom and pediatrician on many things including vaccines. Look under the vaccine category.
Patient friendly, Washington State Specific Website about the vaccines for pertussis and outbreak: www.silencewhoopingcough.org



                        -  Adolescent Immunizations: A Back-to-School Checklist - a 30 min CDC webcast with CE credit about adolescent vaccines
                        -  EZIZ, From California State VFC program – a 16 minute refresher on vaccine administration and more. You have to register, but it is free.
                                    -    CDC Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases – remember the videos you watched when you first were certified with WSPA? These comprehensive videos can be great refreshers, and the CDC offers CE.
                                    -   You Call the Shots - Web-based immunization training courses on a variety of topics, with CE.  Education includes administration, storage, individual vaccines, and more.

Vaccine Listserv 

The State Department of Health Immunization Program CHILD Profile is starting a listserv to share important vaccine information directly with health care providers and community partners. You can sign up online (http://listserv.wa.gov/cgi-bin/wa?A0=WA-IMMUNIZATION-INFO).

Washington Vaccine Association

Vaccines for the children of Washington State are now acquired by providers through the Washington Vaccine Association.  More information can be found at the WVA website.






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