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Drug Use Disorders

One out of 10 adults in Washington needs treatment for a drug use disorder, and for more than half of them, the drug of choice is alcohol. This year, Washington State Legislature has authorized an unprecedented effort to expand treatment options for those who need them  without waiting and, where individuals qualify, at little or no cost. But providers need to help. Studies show that when health professionals ask their patients about their alcohol/drug use and explain how misuse affects their health and well-being, people with drug use disorders are much more likely to seek help.  Get the necessary care to your patients.  Please consider using any of the tools on this site that will help you address your patient need.

Chemical Dependency Treatment

Patients who need alcohol/drug treatment should be referred to the Alcohol/Drug Helpline to arrange for an assessment, to locate a treatment agency, and to verify that they are eligible for state-funded service





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