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Past Award Recipients
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Bowl of Hygeia

This award recognizes an exemplary pharmacist who has made outstanding contribution in the area of community service throughout their career. The recipient must be a pharmacist, licensed in Washington and a member of the association.

2016 Nanci Murphy
2015 Gregory Hovander
2014 Patty Heeney Slagle
2013 Janet Kusler
2012 Michelle Valentine
2011 Robert Slagle
2010 Holly Whitcomb Henry
2009 Gordon Tweit
2008 Richard Kuch
2007 Ron Lind
2006 James Ramseth
2005 Gerald L. Stocker
2004 Donald H. Williams
2003 Janet R. Tjarnberg
2002 John S. Oftebro
2001 Donald V. Hobbs
2000 Warren L. Hall
1999 Richard Driskell
1998 Frederick Martin
1997 Joseph L. Schwab
1996 Dianne W. White

Washington State Pharmacist of the Year
Honors a pharmacist who possesses qualities of excellence in routine practice and association activities, is an exemplary role model, and who has contributed in service and skill to the WSPA during the past year.

2016 Kari VanderHouwen
2015 Glenn Adams
2014 Merrie Kay Alzola
2013 Andy Stergachis
2012 Beverly Schaefer
2011 Chuck Paulsen
2010 Tim Lynch
2009 C.A. Leon Alzola
2008 Greg Gibbons
2007 David Williams
2006 William Gaskins, Jr.
2005 Michael J. Donohue
2004 Charles J. Kahler
2003 Janet R. Tjarnberg
2002 Don Downing
2001 Cindi Brennan & Steve Setter
2000 Linda Lavigne & Freddie Toniolo
1999 Michael Donohue & Theresa O’Young
1998 Garth Holmes & Richard Shine
1997 Tim S. Fuller & Peggy Odegard
1996 Robert Redmond & Ed Wong

Washington State Health System Pharmacist of the Year Award
Recognizes an outstanding health-system pharmacist and their service to the profession of pharmacy and specifically, hospital pharmacy. A pharmacist with contributions in pharmacy programs, cooperation with the entire health team as well as service to the community as a whole.

2016 Andrea Corona
2015 Christopher Greer
2014 Ajay A. Sinha
2013 Glenn Adams
2012 John Zarek
2011 Roger Woolf
2010 Steven Pickette
2009 Gregory Matsuura
2008 Tim Lynch
2007 Cindi Brennan
2006 Ashish Dhingra
2004 Joseph E. Ness

Washington State Pharmacy Student of the Year
Recognizes a student member who has made consistent, sustained and outstanding contributions toward the growth and development of pharmacy student participation on both a local and state level.

2016 Stephanie Heeney
2015 Sheila Shapouri
2014 Amanda Norman
2013 Yara Nouisser
2012 Erik Nelson
2011 Karen Craddick
2010 Andrew Helm
2009 Tahnee Marginean
2008 Kevin Lor
2007 Jessica Gruber
2006 Cristina DuVall
2005 Jennifer S. Riddell
2004 Heidemarie Windham

Washington State Pharmacy Technician of the Year
Acknowledges a pharmacy technician who displays excellence in the practice setting, is motivated to learn new tasks and roles, provides community service, and has contributed to the WSPA on a local or state level. The recipient must be a Washington State pharmacy technician and a member of WSPA.

2016 Jackie Gardner
2015 Maureen Sparks
2014 Pam Simison
2013 Mary Nyman
2012 Lori Ruff
2011 Sandi Tschritter
2010 Paul M. Iseminger
2009 Bridgett Edgar
2008 Sydney Jenkins
2007 Rose Shelton
2006 Marilyn Kase
2005 Renee M. Rudisill
2004 Charleen A. Johnson
2003 Becky Ann Shipman
2002 Mary Tompkins
2001 Jennifer McGarity
2000 Christine Iriarte
1999 Eli Claypoole & Dana Johnson
1998 Donna Dotson & Lindy Gregory
1997 Cindy Grimes & Val Munn
1996 Pam Mason Collins & Mike Mukai

Washington State Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year
Sponsored by Pharmacist Mutual
This award was established in 1987 to encourage younger pharmacists to participate in association activities. The community recognizes an exemplary pharmacist with less than 10 years of practice who has made outstanding contributions in the area of community service. The recipient must be a pharmacist, licensed in Washington and a member of the association.

2016 Cris DuVall
2015 Crystal Bryan
2014 Roy Pfund
2013 Heather H.Gamache
2012 Ryan Oftebro
2011 Dawn Ipsen
2010 Travis Sonnett
2009 Josh Neumiller
2008 Carol Vanevenhoven
2007 Hatam Shafeean
2006 Brian Beach
2005 Robyn L. Agnew
2004 Jeff Rochon
2003 Brian Gates
2002 Merrie Kay Alzola
2001 Kari Vander Houwen
2000 Tori Taylor
1999 Leon Alzola
1998 Stephanie Abbott
1997 Kelley Precht
1996 Tracy Darrah

Bill Mueller Outstanding Mentor Award
Recognizes a pharmacist or pharmacy technician actively engaged in practice and with at least 10 years of pharmacy practice experience who has been and continues to be an outstanding mentor in the field of pharmacy.

2016 R. Keith Campbell
2015 Steven Erickson
2014 Tony Casanova
2013 Steven F. Anderson
2012 Don Spedden
2011 Nanci Murphy
2010 Paul L. Anderson
2009 Thomas Rowe
2008 Colleen Terriff
2007 Lee Funkhouser
2006 Robert L Johnson (posthumously)
2005 C.A. Leon Alzola
2004 Philip D. Hansten
2003 Janet & Shawn Needham
2002 Marilyn Bufton
2001 Peggy Odegard
2000 Jeff Almgren
1999 Kim Orchard
1998 Norm Suzuki
1997 Jim Carlson
1996 Chris Barry

David Almquist Award
For outstanding work in the endeavors of WSPA promotion and pharmacy enrichment.

2016 Julie Akers
2015 Sean Sullivan
2014 Sean Dobbin
2013 Linda Garrelts MacLean
2012 Holly Whitcomb Henry
2011 Angela Stewart
2010 Donald Downing
2009 Elizabeth Susan Merk
2008 Kari Vanderhouwen
2007 Semra Stanley
2006 Becky Shipman
2005 Ronald L. Broekemeier
2004 Michael Sun
2003 Jennifer Brumblay-Daily
2001 Jennifer Edwards
2000 Ron Broekemeier
1999 Larry Oliver
1998 Larry Ishii
1997 Susan Boyer
1996 Gregg Matsch

Distinguished Leadership Service Award

Pays tribute to a member who has, over his or her career, been instrumental in the development and growth of the profession, who demonstrates a high level of influence and direction with respect to their workplace, the entire health profession, the community, and/or the profession of pharmacy as a whole.

2016 Roger Woolf
2015 Senator Linda Evans Parlette
2014 John Oftebro
2013 Steven Singer
2012 Sid Nelson
2011 Dan Connolly
2010 Linda Garrelts MacLean
2009 Larry Simonsmeier
2008 Steve Riddle
2007 Ron Broekemeier
2006 Garth Holmes
2005 Rod Shafer
2004 Daniel D. Connolly
2003 Donald H. Williams
2002 Arthur M. Zoloth
2001 Larry Bettesworth & Joe Ness
2000 Tim Fuller & Larry Ishii
1999 Susan Teil Boyer & Michael Brandt
1998 Terri O’Sullivan & John Swenson
1997 Craig Biggs & Marv Chamberlain
1996 Kim Hunter & Dale Scott

Excellence in Innovation Award
Recognizes a practicing pharmacist or pharmacy technician using innovative pharmacy practice to improve patient care and outcomes. The recipient must be a practicing pharmacist and a member of WSPA.

2016 Josh Akers
2015 Marge & Rick McCoy
2014 Elyse Tung
2013 Heather Gamache
2012 Jennifer Kreidler-Moss
2011 Brandy Singer
2010 Tony J. Casanova and Eric S. Wymore
2009 Andy Stergachis
2008 Larry Lemchen and David Rose
2007 Michelle Valentine
2006 Janet Kusler
2005 Michael L. Brandt
2004 Steven M. Riddle
2003 Nathan M. Lawless
2002 Gayle McWillliams
2001 Dale Duskin
2000 Janet & Shawn Needham
1999 Beverly Schaefer
1998 John R. Parker
1997 Nola Rasmussen & Connie Shafer
1996 Dana Hadfield

Friend of Pharmacy Award
Recognizes an individual or organization outside the profession of pharmacy whose activities promote the advancement of the pharmacists’ role of improving patient medication outcomes and public health.

2016 Senator Steve Conway
2015 Peter Rutherford
2014 Maxine Hayes

Rodney D. Shafer Achievement Award
Recognizes a pharmacy professional who has made pioneering and sustaining contributions to the profession of pharmacy.

2016 Teri Ferreira
2015 Don Downing
2014 Dale Christensen
2013 Donald Beste Jr.
2012 Richard D. Morrison
2011 Bill Fassett
2010 Joy B. Plein
2009 Stephen Setter
2008 Rod D. Shafer

Cardinal Health Generation Rx Champions Award

Recognizes a pharmacist who has demonstrated excellence in community-based prescription drug abuse prevention.

2016 Liz Ronkos
2015 Steve Singer
2014 WSU College of Pharmacy
2013 Ryan Oftebro & Ryan Hansen
2012 Stanley Jeppesen
2011 Micki Kedzierski


Don B. Katterman Award
This award, established in 1983 in memory of Seattle Pharmacist, Don B. Katterman, recognizes a pharmacist who has done outstanding work in the endeavors of the WSPA to promote and enrich pharmacy practice.


2002 Patrick Cunningham
2001 Charles (CJ) Kahler
2000 Richard Kuch
1999 John Oftebro
1998 Beverly Schaefer
1997 James R. Ramseth
1996 Michael Donohue

WSPA Special Achievement Award


2002 Dean Abdel Monem
2001 Albert Nash
2000 Jackie Gardner

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